All Previous Champions Eliminated in Dota 2 The International 4

By   /   Jul 20, 2014

What an incredible day 2 of the Main Event that this has been.

So besides last year’s Champions Alliance being eliminated in 12th place, today not only have we seen 2012 Champions Invictus Gaming, but also 2011 Champions Na’Vi being eliminated in 7th and 8th place!

Also to cap the day off we saw the new hero, the dreaded suicide bomber Techies for the first time!!!


Like in the first day, Valve has also released introduction videos for the remaining videos:

  • Cloud 9 Introduction -“I won’t be able to accept anything but first place” – EternalEnvy
  • iG Introduction – “My champion team mates give me a sense of belonging” – Faith
  • Na’Vi Introduction – “Losing TI3 Grand Final was the biggest mistake of my life” – XBOCT
  • LGD Introduction – “This is the most important tournament that will change my life” – Lin

First match of the day featured both of the last European hopes, Na’Vi vs Cloud 9 and boy what a match it was. First game was won with a very impressive Beyond Godlike performance by EE-Sama on his Morphling.

In game 2 Na’Vi came back with a very impressive pushing lineup that got them a 20minute win. The final game went in the way of Cloud 9 with the sickest Clockwerk play by Bone7 constantly catching Na’Vi heroes from screens away.

SingSing proved to be really happy that he won and that so many fan girls wanted to marry him in this interview.

The second match of the day featured LGD against iG. Game 1 went in LGD’s favor with their huge burst combo with Centaur, Skywrath Mage and Invoker Sunstrikes.

iG took the second game with superior ganks and map control. Game 3 was a really tight game up until the final push, but in the end LGD got the best out of the previous champions.

The first game of the second round of both matches was also played with VG winning the first one against C9 with superior team play and pickoffs, while LGD managed to pull the biggest comeback of the tournament and winning against DK.

With these results, the tournament now looks like this:

Dota 2 The International 4

Also, the All-Star match has been played with a ridiculous 103-27 kill count in favor of team rOtk (consisting of Na’Vi’s Puppey, Fnatic’s BigDaddy, iG’s Ferrari_430, DK’s Burning and Alliance’s s4) against team XBOCT (consisting of Na’Vi’s Dendi, DK’s iceiceice, iG’s Chuan, EG’s Arteezy and Alliance’s Loda).

For the first time in Dota 2, Techies was played, much to the surprise of the crowd and the casters. He was played by Arteezy, who pretty much showcased what is coming in store for future pub games with this hero.

Day 3 will finish off round 2, round 3 and also the Lower Bracket Final against Evil Geniuses will all be played, meaning that the winner that comes out alive of this day will face off against NewBee in the Grand Finals in the 4th and final day.

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