World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Content Update ‘Rapid Fire’ is Now Live

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

Wargaming.Net has rolled out a new content update for its Free-to-Play MMO, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

Dubbed as Rapid Fire, the newly released content update brings two lines of American Tanks and German Tank Destroyers into the fray. Furthermore, there are three Premium Vehicles making their way to the game.

Have a look at the image below for a complete list of vehicles available in the game:

World of Tanks Rapid Fire

In addition to this, two new maps Arctic Region and Erlenberg have joined the map rotation.

Arctic Region is a snowy terrain with hills, tons of obstacles, and a few wide-open areas. This map is reported to offer one of the most heated battles in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

This map features a wide variety of terrain that allows light and medium tanks to maneuver, brawling opportunities for heavy tanks, and well-covered vantage points for snipers!

Erlenberg is a new winter map in the game which is split from the center by a wide, unforgiving river that has consumed many a brave tankers in the flood.

Erlenberg is split down the middle with a wide, frigid river which can be crossed using any of the three tactical stone bridges. If you must cross the river itself, choose your crossing point wisely, as many brave tankers have been lost due to their tanks being flooded, the river is unforgiving in this manner.

Wargaming.Net has also published a new trailer showing off what players can expect from the game. Have a look at it above and tell us what you think!

Rapid Fire for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is now available on Xbox Live Store.

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