Titanfall Marked for Death Mode Coming to Xbox 360 on July 21

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

It has been a while since Respawn Entertainment released their mech based first person shooter, Titanfall, but the developers still have new features up their sleeves. The upcoming Game Update 4 is slated for release on July 21 and hence bring you the Marked for Death mode.

The official Twitter profile of Titanfall received a tweet recently that announced the release date of Game Update 4 – the same expansion that is going to launch the Marked for Death mode, ‘360 players, Game Update #4 will drop on July 21st! Are you ready for Marked for Death?’

You would already be acquainted with the Titanfall Marked for Death mode, but if you wish to know about it, here is the official description given by Respawn Entertainment previously:

“Marked for Death – MFD is a 6v6 mode where one player per team is “Marked for Death”. Teams need to protect their own marked player while hunting down the enemy Pilot. Once a target is killed, new Pilots are marked. This is a fast paced mode that challenges players to fully explore maps and coordinate as a team.”

This mode will be followed shortly by another mode, Wingman Last Titan Standing while the Marked for Death mode is going to be accompanied by new Titan Burn Cards, Titan Insignias, improved Matchmaking, Titan OS Voice Options, Challenge Tracker, Lobby Music, Updated Menu Art, Auto-Titans and a lot of other additions.

Titanfall’s official website has a detailed post explaining the features that the update is going to bring and you can check it out yourself by going here.

Who is ready for Titanfall Marked for Death mode?

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