The Unfinished Swan PS4 and PS Vita Version Listed on Korean Ratings Board

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

Did you play the monochromatic puzzle game The Unfinished Swan on your PS3? How would you like to be able to play the game on PS Vita and PS4?

Well, although nothing has been confirmed, but The Unfinished Swan PS4 version as well as a PS Vita version has been cited on the Korean Ratings Board.

The Unfinished Swan was originally released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on October 16, 2012. The game has been developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio in collaboration with Giant Sparrow.

Story of the game follows a character named Monroe who is inside a fairytale styled painting. It is a first person puzzle game where you have nothing but to paint gobs to use on white surroundings; in doing so you reveal environmental clues, passages and your way forward. The Unfinished Swan is set in a monochromatic graphical world.

Obviously, The Unfinished Swan PS4 and Vita versions have only received a listing on the rating board of country and this evidence doesn’t confirm the existence of the game. Before we can really count on it, we will be looking forward to more convincing evidence or better, a confirmation from the developers of the game.

When it was released on PS3 last year, the game was considered a great success; will you be spending your money on it if The Unfinished Swan PS4 version and PS Vita version is released?

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