Dark Souls 2 for Xbox One Gets Another Lead to Prove its Existence

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

‘Buy Dark Souls 2 for Xbox One’ from Microsoft Store now tops the Google Search Results, giving rise to another speculation that the game is indeed headed to current-gen consoles.

Originally discovered by Reddit user Mango_D0wn, searching the exact keywords ‘Dark Souls II for Xbox One’ yields a link to Microsoft Store (check the screenshot below). Opening up the link, however, redirects to Dark Souls II for Xbox 360 page.

Dark Souls II for Xbox One

Viewing the Source Code of the Xbox 360 purchase page reveals that the term ‘Dark Souls II for Xbox One’ has been used thrice in it. I’ve found that opening up one of these links redirects to Xbox One Game Store, but without any mention of the game.

Previously, Tesco Direct also listed Dark Souls II for Xbox One and Playstation 4, but it didn’t contain a satisfying box-art and mentioned 31/12/13 as a release date – I’m sure they meant 31/12/14.

Contacting From Software hasn’t been fruitful yet as they are not willing to comment on the subject.

Personally, the Tesco Direct listings do not appeal me at all! As for the Google Search Result, it can be a mistake. Besides, every major AAA Xbox One game launches at $59.99, while the Dark Souls II for Xbox One is priced at $39.99 which is same as its Xbox 360 counterpart.

The community is eager to get its hands on a current-gen port of the game which is also evident from a petition at Change.Org that has received 3,233 signatures at the time of writing this.

What’s your take on this? Do you believe Dark Souls II is worth buying twice?

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