Crytek’s R&D Graphics Engineer Tiago Sousa Joins id Software to Work on Doom

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

The lead research and development graphics engineer at Crytek named Tiago Sousa has decided to leave the company and join up with guys at id Software.

This transition was confirmed by Tiago Sousa via his twitter account, where he wrote:

Id Software is currently working on a remake of Doom, which was revealed yesterday to the attendees of Quake Con and developers have promised to showcase the latest entry in the popular series to everyone, very soon.

On the other hand, id Tech 6 is an upcoming OpenGL based gaming engine, which will follow the id Tech 5 engine that was released a couple of years ago and was used for id Software’s Rage.

Tiago Sousa played a big role in building the CryEngine at Crytek and the games that have been developed using this great engine undoubtedly look great.

How Tiago Sousa will impact the upcoming Doom and id Software still remains to be seen but we sure hope that the team does bring something good to cling to as Doom is something one just can’t take casually, right?

What do you think of Tiago Sousa leaving Crytek to join up with id Software?

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