Battleborn Characters Rath, Marquis, & Caldarius Detailed by Gearbox

By   /   Jul 19, 2014

There is still a good portion of a year left before Battleborn is released; in fact the details about the game only just started pouring in. For instance, the developers just shared information about three of the playable characters Rath, Marquis and Caldarius.

Rath of The Jennerit Empire faction is something between a vampire, a samurai and a Sith Lord, who wields a Katana and is a member of the Sustained. His attacks include sending rolling shockwaves, using energy projectiles on a short distance and a vampiric ability.

Then there is Marquis, who belongs to the Last Light Consortium faction. He can simply be described as the politest killer you will ever see. An aristocrat and a robot, he wields a sniper rifle cane that is gold-plated – apparently and has a robotic owl named Houdini – I can see the prospect there!

Last character detailed by the developers was Caldarius, again from The Jennerit Empire.

A shock trooper and another member of the Sustiained, he is one of the most serious characters. He can mix melee and ranged combat with a gun and sword, can blind enemies temporarily and deal increased damage with every hit of the shock trooper sword.

You may wish to read up on the full details of each as they are pretty extensive.

Battleborn was revealed couple of weeks ago as a first person shooter mashed up with arena game. It is being developed Gearbox Software the makers of critically acclaimed Borderlands series who also have Borderlands The Pre-Sequel coming up.

The story of the game takes you to a place in the distant future where the universe is dying. You and other warriors like you are charged with stopping a menace from spreading and to bring back the hope.

So far, we have not been told about the release plans of the game, but as we wait, let us indulge ourselves in a discussion about which one of the Battleborn characters would you prefer to play with in the game?

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