The Sims 4 Possible Traits and Aspirations Leaked Using Create-a-Sim String Files

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Maxis recently revealed a short Create-a-SIM demo for its upcoming life simulation game, The Sims 4. The demo was initially sent out to limited people, but the developers have promised that it will be available for everyone by the end of this summer.

Though we didn’t receive an invite, sites like has managed to get their hands on a string file from the demo, detailing tons of new information on the game!

First of all, there are a total of 35 traits in the game ranging from Active to Ambitious, Creative to Evil, Genius to Creative, etc. All of these traits determine how your Sims interact with other characters and things around them.

For example, Genius Sims, “tend to be focused, can share ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they haven’t improved their Mental Skills for some time.”

Coming to Aspirations, these are divided across 10 categories with each category containing one Reward Trait and one Bonus Trait. A good example of this is Computer Whiz Aspiration:

These Sim want to know everything about computers, from playing games to Careers

Bonus Trait: Quick Learner – Quick Learners build all Skills faster
Reward Trait: Webmaster – Webmasters get the most out of their computers, unlocking extremely useful ways to use them

Furthermore, these aspirations come with their possible rewards/boosts and provide your Sims with potential bonuses.

For example, Great Kisser will have amazing success with kissing, and their Charisma will increase with every kiss. On the other hand, Professional Slackers will have no fear of being demoted or fired.

Head over to SimsVIP for more information on each trait and aspiration!

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