SWTOR Now The Fourth Biggest Subscription MMO

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

A new report published by industry analyst firm Superdata reveals that Star Wars: The Old Republic earned $165 million in worldwide revenue last year.

Provided that their research is accurate, these numbers would put BioWare’s game as the fourth largest subscription MMO in the world. Above them is the crowned king World of Warcraft, followed by Lineage and TERA.

This is an extraordinary milestone achieved by both EA and BioWare. SWTOR was originally launched with a subscription-only model but the lack of subscribers ultimately forced the publisher to opt for a free-to-play model instead.

EA must be kicking itself for not launching the game with a F2P model instead. Had they done so, the company would had seen to even greater profits. The $165 million in revenue for SWTOR last year includes subscriptions, expansion packs and microtransactions. This figure just proves that the time of a sub-only model has gone.

Superdata’s report also revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online has a subscriber base of 772,374, while WildStar is seeing “four to five times” as many concurrent users as it saw during open beta.

Furthermore it said that the pay-to-play MMO market has been in a constant decline since 2010 and that the amount of monthly active worldwide subscribers is down to 23.4 million. “Despite the overall decline, this category has so far managed to maximize their ability to monetize a shrinking yet loyal player base,” the firm said.

Source Superdata

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