Save Churchill in Sniper Elite 3 Now, Enough of Testicle Shooting

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

While the part about testicle shooting wasn’t supposed to be just a pun, killing Adolf Hitler by blasting the only testicle he has, is an old story. Now you are a life saver; naturally it had to be an iconic person you save, so Rebellion Games have announced the Sniper Elite 3 Save Churchill DLC.

It is basically a three part expansion to the single player campaign of Sniper Elite 3 that is going to be made available as downloadable content in the near future. The first mission of that DLC is called Save Churchill: Part 1 – In Shadows and it is already live on Steam.

So yeah, Karl Fairburne is back at getting on the asses of Nazis. First, a mission allowed him to take down the Fuhrer himself and now he is going to try and save the British Prime Minister from a similar fate as he gets ready for the infamous Casablanca Conference 1943.

Some of the key features relating to the new DLC include co-op support that will be added soon; it comes with a free AirStrip map which is going to be the first of multiple free maps in the future; the DLC has been released alongside Patriot Weapons Pack which has the three hot favorites i.e. Springfield Rifle, P3 Grease Gun and M1911 Pistol.

Who’s ready to Save Churchill from a Nazi assassination attempt in Sniper Elite 3?

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