Rise of Venice Gold Edition Launches today

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Publisher Kalypso Media is bringing back Rise of Venice in a Gold Edition, which should be available through various digital PC game distributors. It should cost $29.99.

That price tag comes with all previously released materials of the strategy title, the expansion as well as downloadable content (DLC). So, that’s the add-on Beyond the Sea, as well as Steamship and Sea Monsters.

Rise of Venice is played during the Renaissance era and revolves mainly around trading and gaining wealth and power. It resembles The Guild series a little, in the way that the game also has a family tree that can be used to perform a few actions.

Naturally, seafaring can come with certain perils that evoke naval battles with enemy fleets. Combat is fought in real time, spurring dog fights with sailboats.

Aside from sailing the seas and trading goods, it’s possible to build structures of your own to manufacture your own supply. Ports include locations in Rome, Alexandria, Marseilles and other Mediterranean hubs.

In its Beyond the Sea expansion, it added 13 cities as well as residence missions, given out by family members. There’s also a Doge challenge, which surely will be mistaken for a recent meme fad.

Rise of Venice can be tackled in multiplayer with up to 4 played.

There wasn’t a huge attraction to the title first released. Rise of Venice sort of follows a traditional of plopped out titles from Kalypso Media, such as ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination or Blood Knights.

Hopefully, the Gold Edition of Rise of Venice will arrive at a more opportune moment and get some much needed attention. There’s a retail version planned for August 22, 2014 North America and several days later in Europe.

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