Microsoft is Offering $100 Off on Xbox One for Trading in Xbox 360/Playstation 3

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Microsoft has announced a special promotion asking users to trade in their Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles for a brand new Xbox One.

The promotion is valid until Aug. 31, 2014 across all Microsoft retail stores and offers $100 off Xbox One. It means you can get a brand new Xbox One Kinectless SKU for $299 and Kinect-bundled SKU for $399.

To be eligible for the promotion, you must have a working console which is fully operational, must be in a good condition, mustn’t have any broken or missing components, and must be free from all damage.

In related news, Microsoft announced yesterday that its Xbox One sales for June are twice than the units sold in May, 2014. However, a new report that surfaced today confirmed that Playstation 4 is still selling more than Xbox One with most of the multiplatform titles like UFC, Watch Dogs, and FIFA 14 mostly being played on Playstation 4.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has revised its policies since its somewhat slow launch. The introduction of a Kinect-less SKU proved to be a good decision by Microsoft and has boosted sale figures.

Though slowly, but Xbox One is reaching Playstation 4 and has a better line-up of games for 2014. This new promotion and release of Xbox One in Japan will add cherry to the cake and will further benefit the company.

Lastly, Microsoft recently announced cutting of 18,000 jobs which eventually led to scrapping of Xbox TV Studios. This will enable them to divert their focus primarily on games which is exactly what gamers want!

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