Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Chrom is not Playable in Super Smash Bros.

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Just recently, Nintendo announced the inclusion of Captain Falcon from F-Zero along with Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening in its upcoming fighting title, Super Smash Bros.

Those who witnessed the characters’ reveal trailer took no time to notice the presence of Fire Emblem: Awakening’s main protagonist, Chrom. Just as fans were wondering whether Chrom will be playable or not, Nintendo issues out a statement saying that Chrom will not be a playable character and will only appear as an Assist Trophy.

In the latest issue of the Japanese magazine, Famitsu, the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai explained in his ‘Think about the Video Games’ column as to why the studio chose to drop Chrom.

Robin is included in the game as a tactician with his all-around fighting style comprising of sword play and magic-oriented moveset. All these attributes led to his rather easier inclusion.

I thought to utilize his all-around nature by assigning swordplay to his Smash attacks and magic tomes to his special attacks–that is, allow him to use magic.

As for Chrom, he was an initial choice, but lack of variety in his fighting style and moveset led to his exclusion from the game’s roster:

I played all the way through FE:A and really wanted to include a character from that rich cast in Smash Bros. Naturally, I considered adding Chrom to the roster, but the decision wasn’t easy by any means. At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.

Lastly, the initial thought was to include Lucina as Marth’s alternate costume since both of them are closely related to each other. However, both of them have slightly different characteristics and function in a different manner which urged the developers to include both of them separately:

However, even though Lucina shares her physical stats and techniques with Marth, the characteristics of their attacks differ. When two such similar characters function in an even slightly different manner, I give them a separate spot on the roster since that will affect battle records and whatnot.

You can read the complete column which is translated and posted by NEOGAF user, Masked Man, here.

Super Smash Bros. is scheduled to release on Nintendo 3DS this summer and on Nintendo Wii U this winter.

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