Fable Legends Introduces Shroud, an Assassin with Class

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Lionhead Studios has been revealing characters from their upcoming cooperative RPG, Fable Legends since a while now. For instance we were told about Rook, Inga and Ogre and now they have introduced Shroud – an assassin.

However, he is not like your traditional assassins i.e. the ones that stay in the shadows. In fact he is the exact opposite; he is boisterous in his own ways and likes to leave a mark. The assassins who stay unseen and shying away from flaunting corpses are, in his opinion, amateurs:

“By his reckoning, if you kill someone you should make sure everyone knows who did it, while giving them no evidence to prove it. Do it this way and you not only get repeat business, but the added benefit of averted eyes when you move through a crowded room to complete your next contract. Hide in plain sight, leave your bodies where they can be found and freeze people with a smile. That way you can dress in black silk rather than faded grey sack cloth. Shroud wouldn’t be seen dead in sack cloth.”

In Fable Legends, he is a member of Albion’s best secret society, Conclave and is expert in villager relations, bookkeeping, advertising, legal evasion and debt collection all relating to assassinations. Of course that is apart from being a ruthless covert killer.

Conclave is everywhere their reach goes to as far as you would think and they offer their services to anyone with a sinister cause.

Check out the images above and let us know how do you think Shroud would sit among the rest of the Fable Legends heroes.

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