Doom’s Gameplay Unleashed – Uses idTech 6, Fast-Paced Combat, and More

By   /   Jul 18, 2014

Delivering its promise at QuakeCon today, Id Software showcased the first gameplay of the next iteration in the Doom franchise. Simply titled as ‘Doom,’ this is the first time the game received a gameplay demonstration, following its brief E3 teaser.

Since its announcement back in 2007, the game faced major delays, got scrapped, started over, and at last, came out strong. At QuakeCon 2014, Id Software played a 20-minute long gameplay demo (running on PC), detailing various aspects of the game.

Sadly, Bethesda Softworks restricted all kinds of camera equipment to the event to prevent any leaks, but we have got you covered with every teeny-weeny detail:

First of all, the game will simply be called as Doom, instead of Doom 4, will run on ‘id Tech 666′ engine, and will launch across Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Moreover, the developers are targeting 1080p and 60 FPS on all platforms.

The game is set on the outskirts of a massive UAC research facility on Mars as it is on the brink of Hellish forces’ invasion and focuses on fast-paced combat with engaging multiple enemies at once. The gameplay demo showed off a lot of combat and it was full of gore with glimpses of Hellknights, demons, and over-the-top forces from Hell.

The gameplay saw a player walking through the facility with a double-barrel shotgun in hand. Yes, the fan-favorite guns like plasma rifle, rocket launcher, double-barrel shotgun, and chainsaw are returning to the game. The gameplay demo also showed a couple mobile maneuvers (double-jump, sprinting, and mantling) at the player’s disposal to fend off hordes of enemies and reach otherwise inaccessible areas in a more fluid manner.

The biggest highlight, however, was hand-to-hand executions, offering a brutal display of ripping monsters into halves and a powerful head-stomp from the top. On the other hand, enemies were shown teleporting to create an intelligent ambush.

Unlike other shooters, Doom is taking on an approach which is more old school. There will be no reloading, no limit to weapons carried, and no health regeneration. Fallen enemies will drop health and ammo kits which can be picked up by the players.

Other minor details include exploding barrels, stunning enemies followed by a follow-up execution, shredding enemies and using their limbs to unlock new areas, and Revenants wearing jetpacks.

All in all, the gameplay managed to leave the attendees awestruck and the game feels like a Doom game that fans have been wanting for quite a long time. We still don’t know everything, but whatever we know is sufficient to love the game even more!

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