Sunset Overdrive Gets a Poster by Mondo, Their First for a Videogame

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Mondo has been known previously for their artsy posters. They have done movies, they have done TV series and now they are turning their heads towards games – or at least one game i.e. Sunset Overdrive.

The Austin based company recently shared their artwork for the game while sitting together with members of the game development team to talk about it.

Since Mondo has never made anything for the videogames industry until now, you must be wondering what brought them to Sunset Overdrive. Well, Justin Ishmael the chief executive officer of Mondo says that ever since the game’s early trailers it had caught their eye and then they were shown the assets and behind the scene materials by Microsoft; ‘it all looked so nuts and seemed really cool.’

At the same time Insomniac Games’ game director for Sunset Overdrive, Drew Murray shared a ludicrously long list of things, names and practices that influenced the distinctive look of the game:

We just had a huge, motley collection of everything that Marcus Smith (Creative Director) and I (Game Director) thought was cool–rock ‘n’ roll photographs of Iggy Pop and Pete Townsend; vintage Halloween masks; Banksy and other stencil-graffiti art; Hindu religious art; Nigerian “Hyena Men”; ’70s and ’80s action movies like The Warriors, Escape from New York,Repo Man, and Streets of Fire; artists like Jamie Hewlett, Jeff Koons and Pierre et Gilles; punk rock fliers; anime such as Tekkon Kinkreet; and a ton of other things that we’d collected.

Sunset Overdrive

Makes me wonder how they were really able to add together all that weird stuff and yet manage to create a harmony on screen! Sunset Overdrive is surely one of the crazier projects.

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