One Piece Unlimited World Red Gets 2 Paid Mini-DLC’s

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Publisher Bandai Namco announced some more downloadable content (DLC) for One Piece Unlimited World Red. Two new DLC drops should be available now.

Its first DLC item, aptly called Quest for Money, costs €0.99 and opens up one new quest, that’s it. With this, it’s possible to visit The Golden Bell Tower.

Then again, the Nami Swimsuit DLC for One Piece Unlimited World Red might be even cruder. It equally adds just one mission, called Hody’s Revenge, but also a skimpy outfit for the ridiculously sexualized character of the anime series.

In this mission, the pirate crew tackles Fishman, for a price of €2.99. That upsell makes for one costly bikini, though it does have Cross-buy functionality on Playstation Network.

We also have screenshots for both DLC outings, which we’ll place below. It’s not just gratuitous nudity either; there’s actual gameplay from the straightforward brawler.

While these are obvious nickel and dime tactics employed by Bandai Namco to monetize fan service, a thing fans should be against, at least it’s phoned in hard. There’s also a Season Pass for One Piece Unlimited World Red that costs €29.99 for 16 quests and 12 costumes.

Additionally, the publisher did throw its player base a bone earlier when it released the Red Stands Alone DLC for free. That doesn’t excuse One Piece Unlimited World Red, but a gesture is much better than no gesture at all. It goes both ways.

One Piece Unlimited World Red is available for Playstation 3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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