Heroes of the Storm: Garden of Terror Battleground Features Day/Night Cycle

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Blizzard has announced plans to introduce a new battle arena to Heroes of the Storm, which is currently in alpha.

The new battleground is called ‘Garden of Terror’ and has three lanes, much like the traditional setups of most MOBA titles. According to the developer, the battleground will feature a day and night cycle where “when night falls, the night horrors will come out in the garden area of the Battleground and all normal mercenary camps will disappear.”

The night cycle is controlled by players themselves and they will then need to kill all of the horrors to end the night sequence. Nightfall will also have different effects on gameplay, such as reduced vision of players. They can also choose to either quickly end or sustain the night, all according to their strategic advantages.

“Garden of Terror provides us with the opportunity to feature our dynamic lighting. During the night, we turn down the brightness of your hero’s vision, so the map becomes much darker. We recommend players to stay alert and keep your allies close, night is the perfect time for enemies to strike and take advantage of your reduced visibility.”

There are also plenty of health and power scattered about, plus two abilities where one gives you the chance to disable and damage all enemy buildings; while the other is an AOE attack which polymorphs enemies into “slow weak Plant Zombies.”

Heroes of the Storm is currently still in alpha.

Source Battle.net

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