H1Z1 Screenshots Show Romero’s Supermarket, a Tribute to Fallout 3

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Sony Online Entertainment has showed off the progress of their upcoming zombie-survival game H1Z1 in newly released screenshots.

The screenshots in discussion give players a taste of the game’s Romero’s Supermarket. This is just a typical supermarket you expect to find in a small town, except that it clearly depicts the post-zombie-infestation era with empty stands, creepy aisles, and over-the-top gloominess.

Just as the screenshots went live, the fans immediately notice that Romero’s Supermarket strikingly resembles Super-Duper Mart from Fallout 3.

In response to a fan’s query, video game designer for Sony Online Entertainment Adam Clegg excitedly agreed that this is exactly what the team was aiming for!

YES! That’s what I was going for, best compliment I could get! Going to add all of the shopping cart goodness next.

Gameranx reports that the supermarket is named after George Romero who has directed several zombie movies and is known as the pioneer of the popular zombie culture.

Furthermore, these particular scenes from the Romero Supermarket are reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead which contained a similar scene of zombies wondering through a deserted shopping mall.

As it is evident from the screenshots, there is still some work to be done and Sony has already stated that they are already getting there with the early access for H1Z1.

Check out the screenshots above and share your thoughts!

H1Z1 is scheduled to release later this fall for Windows PC and Playstation 4.

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