GTA Online Gets 10 New Rockstar Verified Hipster Jobs

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Did you think that the upcoming Strip Club DLC and the High Roller update are all that you can expect from the GTA Online? Think again, Rockstar Games doesn’t plan on slacking anytime soon. There are 10 new Hipster jobs that have been Rockstar Verified!

The official website of the developer received a new post couple of hours ago where the new jobs were announced. Among the new Rockstar Verified jobs, there are five chosen favorites from the I’m Not a Hipster Event that was held recently.

Your new jobs for GTA Online are Dubsta Warz – a point to point race over beaches, deserts, mountains and slopes, The 80’s Turf War – a gang shootout, Panto-monium Microcircuit – a lap race for the Panto, Swedish Folkrace – mixing tarmac and off road racing made specific for I’m Not a Hipster cars, and Hipster Death Rally – on off road race in the Senora Airstrip with opportunities of aerial overtakes through ramps.

Other than the I’m Not a Hipster Event Weekend’s favorite Verified Jobs, the developers have added five additional jobs to the list as well. There are three races namely The Coil, The Los Santos Triangle and Loop the Lake. There also are two deathmatches namely Pit Stop and Retaliate.

In parallel news, it is being rumored that Lottery Tickets will be added to the game soon along with a prospect of getting two new strip clubs. None of these are confirmed though.

Are you still playing GTA Online, which ones of the Verified Jobs have you loved the most?

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