Final Fantasy Record Keeper To Bring Back Famous Battles and Characters

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Final Fantasy Record Keeper teaser site’s countdown has come to an end and developers Square Enix and DeNA has finally unveiled this new mobile title.

In the game, you will be put in the shoes of Deci, who is currently working in the history department under Dr. Mog, who believes that Deci is the best student ever to be taught by him.

Due to this reason, Dr. Mog chooses you to dive in multiple paintings and re-live the events, stories and memories that took place in the previous Final Fantasy games.

There have been a lot of Final Fantasy games, with each of them having their own unique world, and as you clear the dungeons in each of the world available, you will unlock some of the characters that were part of previous games.

After unlocking these characters, you will be able to add them to your party. These characters can be further improved by equipping the weapons and abilities that you will collect upon your journey.

Moreover, Final Fantasy Record Keeper will feature some of the famous fights of previous entries, which will bring back the memories for the players, who have been playing the series from the start.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper will release on all iOS and Android devices this summer and will be a free-to-play title with additional items available through micro-transactions.

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