Destiny’s Xbox One Beta Won’t Be 1080p

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

The resolution-gate issue of the Xbox One will strike once again, this time for the Destiny beta.

The PlayStation 4 beta event of Destiny is scheduled to launch today and judging from last month’s alpha, Sony’s console will manage to run it in glorious 1080p resolution. The Xbox One beta however, which begins on July 23, will fail to achieve that.

According to Bungie Community Manager David Dague, this shouldn’t cause an alarm in the Xbox community because Bungie is aiming to hit 1080p “across all platforms.”

“There is always room for improvement,” said Dague while speaking with IGN. “This beta is where we are in development right now. The fact that you are playing in the beta is of enormous help to us because it teaches us what this thing is, it teaches us how we can perfect it and make it better before launch.”

“We are aiming for 1080p on all platforms,” Dague added.

Bungie seems pretty confident that they ultimately will manage to raise the resolution on the Xbox One. However, as we’ve seen previously, developers do find it troublesome to achieve that on Microsoft’s latest console. While Bungie could very well manage to achieve 1080p on the Xbox One, in case they don’t shouldn’t be of any surprise.

Destiny is scheduled to officially release on September 9 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. As for its beta, all you have to do is pre-order the game to be eligible.

Source IGN

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