Play Clockwork Empires “Earliest Access” On Steam, Before It’s On Steam

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Developer Gaslamp Games has announced its Earliest Access program for its latest project, Clockwork Empires on PC. It hereby wants to trump Steam’s Early Access program with a build that will be available even sooner.

Those who choose to buy Clockwork Empires at its Earliest Access price of $29.99 will be given a Steam key for their efforts, however. Moreover, the game will also actually be playable, through Steam, approximately a month prior to the Early Access launch.

Clockwork Empires is using the Earliest Access funding spell to do some pre-emptive public testing with a select crowd, before going on Valve’s storefront. It needs to check up on some hardware compatibility and sort out the user interface, most importantly.

As a simulation title, Clockwork Empires is a bit like the previously released Banished. Players settle a colony of people to gather resources, survive and expand in an unforgiving environment.

In this game, however, the developer wants to make a commentary on the tech greed of man, pushing limits far beyond the acceptable. One of the core elements is being able to mess with dark powers that could open portals to unspeakable horrors.

It sounds like Gaslamp Games may have initially gone another route, skipping the current business model. In their blog post, they mention:

When Early Access first became an option, we honestly had our doubts about the process.  Some games have had issues with early access.

Even if the Earliest Access event isn’t so much your deal, then maybe Clockwork Empires in general will be. Gaslamp Games can be judged by their previous release, Dungeons of Dredmor, which has since become a cult hit.

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