Civilization: Beyond Earth’s Franco-Iberia Faction Announced

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

One faction featured in Civilization: Beyond Earth called Franco-Iberia has been revealed.

Speaking with Spanish gaming website 3d Juegos in a new interview, lead designers from Firaxis Games Will Miller and David McDonough revealed that the faction was formed during the dissolution of the European Union. In the game the territories that come under the faction include former France, Spain and parts of Italy.

Franco-Iberia has a strong taste for its culture when it comes to ascertaining priorities. In Beyond Earth the faction is the only one who can gain immense advantage from cultural norms compared to other factions. There are a number of bonuses they receive when focusing on culture, one of which is free Virtue technology. It gives the faction flexibility in terms of not having to sacrifice scientific progress to prioritize cultural development in your cities.

Franco-Iberia is led by a woman named √Člodie, who is a descendent of the nobility and privileged elite of the old families of France, Spain, and Italy. Her wealth comes from her ancestors who had invested in several businesses, including agriculture, food processing, textiles and pharmaceuticals. As it is, she has a strong cultural heritage.

√Člodie has significant command over the faction’s media. Her strong personality has helped her be one of the leading minds in the expedition to space so far. According to Firaxis Games, she was also behind the creation of ‘The Canon,’ the definitive collection of Western art, with works, letters, and music.

Lastly the developers mentioned a bit about the inhabiting aliens in the game as well. The aliens’ behavior will depend on the player’s reaction to them. So if you show aggression against the or destroy their every nest, the aliens will in return be also aggressive against your cities. Though things might change in the later stages of the game.

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