Battlefield: Hardline Gets Another Most Wanted List

By   /   Jul 17, 2014

Based on player feedback from their closed beta test, Visceral Games has posted a new list of changes that they will be thinking on for Battlefield: Hardline.

Posting on the game’s official blog, Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser highlighted ten specific issues that will be addressed by the developer. These span from tweaks to weapons, vehicles and player classes, to the menus and various game mechanics.

Complaints from players regarding the overuse of heavy explosive weapons has been heard and Visceral will be toning that down. The Mechanic class is getting a name change, as well as balances, without the need of “sacrificing his ability to take down a vehicle.” In-game menus and HUDs are going to be overhauled for a clearer visual experience; while the customization screen is going to be made more friendlier.

Game rounds are going to extended for a greater duration and with time Visceral will be adding more objects for players to interact with. Vehicles proved too easy to destroy with gunfire, so Visceral has increased the health on cars and vans.

The game’s audio is going to be improved to enable veteran players to hear out events and oncoming players. Medkits and ammo boxes will no longer block the line-of-sight. Finally, the Interrogation mechanic has been modified. Interrogations will now only show nearby enemies, but marking them as if they had been spotted by a teammate.

Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled for release on October 21 for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source Battlefield Blog

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