Aperture Tag Mod for Portal 2 Urges You to Play Without Portal Gun

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Valve’s approved mod for Portal 2 called Aperture Tag has appeared on Steam for sale, which urges you to play through the new campaign, without the support of game’s Portal Gun.

I know, it is difficult to even imagine Portal 2 without its famous gun, but modder has done pretty good job in creating this new experience.

Everything in Aperture Tag mod has been done from ground up, as it includes new puzzles, 27 new stages, a new character, new story, new voice acting and on top of that, there is a level editor, which can be used to create levels for single player and co-op games.

This new campaign made for the game will still have portals, but without the gun, you will not be able to create your own. However, the game will allow you to use the goo guns.

The co-op feature of the game is currently not up to its full potential as noted by the developer on game’s Steam page.

The current state of co-op is that it’s playable, and its fun, but it is not as polished as I would have wanted. There is bug which makes it so that sometimes your paint gun works and other times it wont work properly, and it seems to be completely random, so when playing Workshop co-op maps, you may need to click multiple times until you get your gel. I will keep on trying to solve this issue, but rest assured, the co-op area of the game is still playable.

If you are interested in playing Portal 2 without the support of Portal Gun, then do try out this mod, which is on 30% discount until 22nd of July.

To get the whole idea of how the game works and other details about it, check out Aperture Tag’s Steam Page.

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