The Last of Us Remastered Edition Gets Detailed – FPS, Graphics and More

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

The Last of Us, which won more than 200 Game of the Year awards last year, is now making its way to PlayStation 4 and it will not be just a simple remake of PS3 version, as it is bringing considerable changes to the game.

The biggest change that you will notice upon playing The Last of Us Remastered Edition, is the graphical leap, as this new versions plays on 1080p/60 fps in both single player and multiplayer.

In addition to that, texture maps are four times more detailed than PS3 version and shadow maps are also two times more detailed.

Also, this new version of the game will have no texture streaming and will allow longer draw distances alongside better LOD.

Other than these graphical changes, The Last of Us Remastered Edition will receive some new PS4 exclusive features:

  • Additional Audio options
  • Lock frame rate at 30 fps
  • Swap trigger and thumbstick controls
  • Support for DualShock 4′s touchpad, light bar and speaker

Most of the DLCs that have been released for the game thus far, will also be a part of the Remastered Edition upon its launch, which will include:

  • Abandoned Territories MP DLC
  • Reclaimed Territories MP DLC
  • Left Behind SP DLC

PS3 owners, who have already purchased these DLCs will be able to play it on PS4 without paying any further cost.

Moreover, the game will have a new Grounded difficulty setting and cinematic commentary track with the game’s main cast: Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and Neil Druckmann.

The Last of Us Remastered Edition is going to hit the shelves on 29th of July, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: NeoGAF

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