Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Explains Why No New Trailer

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Everyone expected Kingdom Hearts 3 to be present at this year’s E3 because since its reveal last year, developers have barely shared anything new about the game.

However, to everyone’s surprise developers decided not to show the game at the biggest event in gaming, which raised a lot of questions regarding the development of the latest entry in the series.

Now, the game’s co-director Tai Yasue in a new interview clarifies the situation and says that the development on Kingdom Hearts 3 is still in “full throttle” and “it’s moving along” pretty well.

In addition to that, Yasue also explains the reason behind game’s absence from E3:

Making teasers and trailers really does require a lot of work, and we just wanted to get the development moving along quickly on Kingdom Hearts III.

These comments from the director are pretty reassuring for the fans, who were thinking that either the game had been cancelled or suffered a delay of few more years.

At this point of time, developers are focused on bringing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix to PlayStation 3, which is going launch on 2nd of October in Japan, while other regions will get it on 5th of December.

Until developers are done with the launch of 2.5 Remix, don’t expect any new information regarding Kingdom Hearts 3.

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