GTA 5 Strip Club DLC Details Leaked, Two Clubs and Rihanna?

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Yesterday we shared with you details about a GTA 5 leak that apparently confirmed the existence of lottery tickets in the upcoming update of the game. By that time, I thought it was sheer luck. However, now I am stating to think that Rockstar Games might be leaving hints in there on purpose. Another leak has surfaced and this time it is about a certain GTA 5 Strip Club DLC.

While that might not be the official name of the update (it might simply be one of the additions being made to the game through the GTA 5 High Roller Update), but GTA 5 Strip Club DLC is what they are calling it.

That being said, famous YouTube leaker DomIsLive discusses how the maps of at least two strip clubs have been found in the game’s source code. First one is similar to Hornbills and looks like it could be a branch of the same, while the second one is called Bahama Mamas and might include drinking, dancing or both.

Last but not the least, the image below has surfaced online and the tag line coming with it related it to the GTA 5 Strip Club DLC as well. As you can see, that character looks a lot like Rihanna!


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