Gigantic, a Free-to-Play Third-Person MOBA Announced

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Motiga, a new Seattle-based development house has recently announced a free-to-play MOBA, Gigantic.

Featuring a cartoony art style, the game is not your typical MOBA or a LoL/DoTA clone, but something entirely novel. Instead of the top-down perspective, the game will be played in behind-the-shoulder third-person mode with most of the movements (sprinting, dodging, and aiming) executed by a keyboard than a mouse.

Another thing that sets it apart is the inclusion of gigantic AI monsters which will accompany players throughout a match. Instead of destroying the home base of the enemy team, Gigantic tasks players with killing the other team’s AI monster.

As for the champions, players will be able to choose from various class-based characters and upgrade them as the game progresses, just like a typical MOBA.

Speaking of this game, Motiga co-founder Chris Chung stated that with Gigantic, his studio wanted to create the best online experience:

From the very beginning, our goal was not just to make an awesome free-to-play online game. We wanted to make the best online game, period.

As of this very moment, you can sign-up for the alpha testing of the game at Gigantic’s Official Website!

Also, keep an eye out for PAX Prime this year as the game will be making a presence there.

Judging from the trailer above, do you think Gigantic will manage to stand out in this milked video game genre?

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