Would You Get Naked To Play More Hazard Ops Open Beta?

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Developer Infernum has launched Hazard Ops in Open Beta on PC. This announcement comes with a new trailer that showcases the spirit of the game.

In this video, the developer goes to poll people on the streets in shoddy TV show fashion. They present passersby with the opportunity of winning €1,000, if they manage to beat their game.

Then, we go to the developer headquarters to see the randomly picked players team up and eventually get slaughtered in the waves of the third-person shooter. To try again, they’ll have to do something equally silly as the proposition itself.

Challenges on offer go from eating a spoonful of maggots, do the cinnamon challenge or get naked. In the spirit of the game’s nature, we thought we’d point out one of these things.

Hazard Ops

Hazard Ops

Hazard Ops is self-aware of its tackiness. For instance, the game is marketed in North America as Zombies Monsters Robots, because that’s exactly what it is.

There are even robots with rocket launchers in the game. Still, its challenge is most real, as none of the contestants end up winning.

To size up how fair the enemy waves actually are, Hazard Ops also opened the challenge to notable German Counter-Strike players. They manage to clear the map in one go.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory to have pro skills to beat the game, but it does show how their design is tactically sound. Somewhere in between regular and top-tier pro would maybe be a good compromise.

Those who apply for the Hazard Ops open Beta should normally be given access immediately. Hopefully shooting hordes of generic enemies is up your alley.

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