Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection Gets Acknowledged by Phil Spencer

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection! How does this sound to you? Apparently, Gears of War fan community has started a new movement asking Microsoft Studios to re-release all previous Gears of War installments remastered for Xbox One running at 1080p on 60 Frames per Second under the banner of Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection; an idea they obviously got from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Well, technically, the collection should only have the first three games since Gears of War: Judgment is set in an entirely different time setting and doesn’t revolve around Marcus Fenix.

Anyhow, the pioneers of the movement created a YouTube video message and sent it to Microsoft’s head Phil Spencer who acknowledged it via his Twitter Feed, but neither confirmed nor denied whether the studio would consider the possibility:

In another Tweet, Spencer stated that Japan has always been a tough market for Microsoft and they are all set to make a presence at Tokyo Game Show and launch Xbox One on the Japanese soil.

Coming back to Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection, you can watch the video message above and share your thoughts with us!

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