Female Thor Can Come to Disney Infinity 2.0 Based on Demand

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Marvel announced yesterday that its popular comic book for Thor will evolve, as the next iteration of the popular comic book, will portray Thor as a woman.

Here’s what the writer Jason Aaron had to say about the new lead character for Thor:

This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.

In the wake of this announcement, Disney Infinity 2.0 executive producer John Vignocchi said that there is a possibility that Female Thor will become part of the ever evolving game in the future, if there is enough demand for inclusion from the fans.

Infinity being a platform that evolves over time, that certainly doesn’t rule out the possibility of creating a new version of Thor. Should there be a demand, we’d love to do that. You will definitely see characters represented on the platform in multiple ways beyond just a costume change.

Disney Infinity 2.0 already includes a large roster and a lot of popular female characters are already part of the game, and one more addition will do no harm.

However, as developer said, it all depends on the demand of the players, if they are interested in having female Thor in the game, then they will add it, otherwise it will be just waste of resources.

What do you think of the new Female Thor? Would you like to see her in Disney Infinity 2.0?

Source: Polygon

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