Divinity: Original Sin First Patch Released, ‘AI Personalities’ Added

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Divinity: Original Sin is one of the games that got a very positive go ahead at Kickstarter with over a million dollars crowdfunded. The game got released with ease last month and now it is the developer’s turn to show their dedication to the job. They are doing it through the game’s first official patch.

Recently, Larian Studios posted to their official forums announcing the patch along with a gigantic changelog. Although it would take a bit too long for us to write down everything they have done, we have made sure to share the key changes with you.

The update is going to clear the game off of some of the crazier bugs and glitches and introduced a concept of ‘AI Personalities.’ So basically at the time of character creation you will be given an option to choose a specific personality for you character and ‘when a personality is active the AI will automatically make dialogue choices (based on its personality) for the avatar that isn’t selected.’

Of course, if you wish to read up on the complete patch notes for the first official update of Divinity: Original Sin, you may do so by going here.

Since it is an indie game, it might not have reached the eyes and ears of everyone among you. So here’s what the game is about: it is being marketed as a ’back to the roots’ role playing game where you create a party and indulge with enemies in turn based combat system. There is an pen world which is mostly interactive.

Divinity: Original Sin was released to Microsoft Windows and OS X on June 30, 2014. A SteamOS and Linux version of the game is also expected to be released sometime in the future.

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