2K Games Will Share One Battleborn Character Image Everyday

By   /   Jul 16, 2014

Couple of hours ago, Publisher2K Games’ United Kingdom Twitter page announced that they were going to turn up the heat for their upcoming multiplayer online battle arena, Battleborn.

What they are going to do is that they will be sharing new images of one character from the game each day for the next week or so over at 2K United Kingdom Twitter profile so that ‘you can all get to know them.’

This announcement was followed by the first tweet in the series of images that talked about Oscar Mike, a character. Yes that really is the name of the character folks.

According to the tweet, Oscar Mike is ‘a loyal, hardened soldier who fights for the ideals of the Peacekeepers.’ You may check out the image shared by them in the embedded tweet below!

Previously, we have known about three characters from the game which include Mike. The other two are Miko and Phoebe. I am assuming that tomorrow and the day after that will cover them, though we are hoping that they also reveal something new.

That being said, Battleborn is being developed by Gearbox Software, the makers of critically acclaimed Borderlands series. That should tell you something about what to expect from the game right?

Its story takes us into the distant future where the universe is dying and a breed of warriors is the only hope that’s left. They must now bring back the good days by driving away some ‘unstoppable menace.’

Battleborn is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

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