New WWE 2K15 Trailer Shows Preorder Bonus, “Sting” is Coming

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

I am sure most of the wrestling fans are waiting for WWE 2K15 eagerly. However, there is time in the release peeps. You have got to wait.

That being said, the game is up for preordering right now and guess what are you going to get s WWE 2K15 preorder bonus? None other than Sting!

Official Twitter account of the game announced the news with a teaser image of the legendary WWE superstar and now, 2K Sports has also released a preorder trailer that adds to the adrenaline rush quite thoroughly.

Although it is a short trailer, less than a minute; and it starts with scenes that resemble a vintage movie on violinists, you later see a figure walking towards you in shadows holding a baseball club. Of course you would know it there and then, but then they show the white face of the menacing character.

The trailer ends with a line that reads, ‘two generations of Sting, preorder launch exclusive.’

Check out the video yourself and see if you will be content with Sting as the WWE 2K15 preorder bonus. The game releases on October 28 for North America and on October 31 for the European markets.

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