Team Respawn & Team Bungie Will Face Off in a Series of Competitive Titanfall Matches

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

The ‘‘ and ‘‘ online-communities will face off each other in a series of competitive Titanfall matches.

Zython will lead Team Respawn and Burritosenior will lead Team Bungie in 5-on-5 Titanfall matches on Xbox One. Moreover, the teams will also go against each other in Destiny, once it releases in Sept. 2014.

The matches are scheduled to kick off this Saturday at 04 PM PDT and will be live-streamed on Zython’s Twitch Channel.

Read on for a complete list of matches and finalized rosters:

CTF: Training Ground.
Respawn & Bungie bases launch a full scale attack to capture the other’s flag as ceasefire agreements fail

Pilot Hunter: Angel City
The aftermath of the flag theft has left Respawn & Bungie forces seeking to assassinate opposing pilots

Last Titan Standing: Demeter
In order to cripple each other’s Titan supply, Respawn & Bungie forces engage in heavy warfare

Hardpoint: Outpost 207
The final battle for control of orbital defense cannons will turn the tide of the war

Tungle (Infinite Titans): Colony
Respawn & Bungie forces have secured infinite funds from an anonymous donor, and plan to use every cent

Team Respawn
Zython (GT: Zython)
LordPuck (GT: LordPuck)
AshenWolf (GT: Ashen Wolf)
Bassani (GT: Bassani 079)
HotJuicyPie (GT: Hot Juicy Pie)

JTR277 (GT: JTR277)

Team Bungie
burritosenior (GT: burritosenior)
Hylebos (GT: Hylebos)
Fridge Gnome (GT: Fridge Gnome)
Viperconn (GT: Viperconn)
Braydzz (GT: Braydzz)

Im Here To Help (GT: Jaywalkas)
Said teh Beat (GT: Said teh Bear)

Though the matches are organized to promote a sense of good spirit among the two companies, you’re welcome to cheer your favorite team at Twitch.

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