Star Citizen Crosses $48 Million Milestone, It’s Not Over Yet

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

The crowdfunding for Star Citizen has crossed the $48 million mark in total funding, which clearly shows the love that the game is receiving from the fans of the genre.

Chris Roberts, the man behind this popular game has followed the tradition and has sent a letter to the community upon crossing another million.

In the letter, he mentions that this new $48 million goal was for user voted Retaliator commercial, which will be quite a unique one as developers are going in completely “different direction with this one”

Here’s what he has to say about the Retaliator commercial:

It was a close race but The Retaliator pulled ahead. The Avenger was a close second. The symbol of the United Empire of Earth’s power is the next ship to receive a slick commercial. Aegis Dynamics is in dire need of good publicity since the end of the of the Messer era. We currently have the Cutlass and the Constellation commercials in production and now the Retaliator will be added to that list.

Roberts has also talked about the future possibilities as he says that, if the crowd funding manages to reach the 50 Million mark, then developers will add Alien languages to the game to add more realistic feel to the game’s world.

Currently, backers of the game are enjoying their time Star Citizen dogfighting module, which was made available to them in early June after it suffered a few delays.

How far do you think the crowdfunding goal will stretch for Star Citizen?

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