Mortal Kombat X Could Feature Guest Characters

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Franchise creator Ed Boon has hinted that the new Mortal Kombat X could feature guest characters.

At EVO 2014 last week, the developer was asked by Mad Catz in an interview if the studio would once again give in to the new tradition of adding guest characters from other universes. Boon replied that “the chances are pretty high” for that to happen.

The last Mortal Kombat featured Kratos as an exclusive character for the PlayStation 3 version, while the last of the DLC brought in Freddy Kreuger. Injustice: Gods Among Us saw Scorpion stepping into the DC universe.

“That was something that was embraced in Injustice and in Mortal Kombat. I think there’s a novelty to having a downloaded guest character, so, I think the chances are pretty high. I don’t think every single one of them will be a guest, but I think the chances of at least one of them will be pretty good.”

Boon also confirmed that they would be following the same pattern of DLC releases where they bring in a new character now and then, which will of course be covered by the game’s Season pass. The greater possibility here is for NetherRealm to offer a character from another game series as a DLC, rather than a console exclusive addition.

A couple of days ago, Boon took the stage at EVO to unveil Raiden as the latest roster addition to the game. An accompanying trailer detailed the thunder god’s three different fighting styles: Thunder God, Displacer and Storm Lord.

Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for release on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2015.

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