Rumor: Microsoft About to Announce Biggest Job Cuts in Five Years

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Alright this might come as a surprise to those who don’t go too geeky about the industry, but job cuts will not surprise the others. Microsoft might announce the largest job cuts in the last five years of the company, and that in itself is a little alarming.

According to certain reports that are going viral on the media, especially this one by Bloomberg, Satya Nadella is going to announce a restructuring and slimming down of the organization. According to the anonymous insiders, the announcement might be made as early as next week.

That being said, the informers have claimed that the reductions will affect Nokia division as well as divisions of Microsoft that are overlapping with it, the engineering divisions as well as the marketing divisions of the company.

What’s more, two of the informers say that this is going to be the largest job cuts plan that the company has had since 2009!

Only recently, Nadella has called for increased emphasis on mobile devices, productivity software and cloud computing. He also urged for a greater efficiency and focus before saying that specific details of the plan would be shared soon.

That being said, it is also expected that the some of the cuts will be among software testers. This comes in the wake of Nadella’s recent statement when he said that the new cloud methods of building software lessened the need of a separate team of testers.

Currently, Microsoft has around 127,104 employees on its payroll, such a huge figure makes me wonder how many of them will lose their jobs in the next couple of weeks if and when Microsoft announces the job cuts.

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