Would you Like Early Access on Xbox One? Developers Want it

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Have you seen your PC using friends and been jealous that they get to play certain games even before they are released? If you do, you will be glad to know Xbox One developers also want something similar. However, if you have known how much of a fuss it creates over at Steam, your reaction might be different.

Chris Charla of ID@Xbox has said that indie developers want a similar program for the console, though they aren’t announcing anything yet.

“When we talk about early access, it typically means a game that you buy and it evolves over time to become 1.0, so you’re buying it before it’s 1.0 – Minecraft on PC is a perfect example. It’s something developers have been asking for, and we are listening really closely to developers, but I don’t have anything to announce on that right now.”

Sony also hinted at something similar recently.

Previously, Steam has been making use of their Steam Early Access platform since March 20, 2013. This allows the developers to get opinions and feedback on their game from the customers before the game really hits the market.

On the other hand it gives a chance to the geek minded gamers as well as those who can’t wait until the release, a chance to get their hands on the game and see how it is being developed. Of course, you also get to be a part of the group that helps polish the game with feedback.

Now, we do know that there could be some of you who would like to get Early Access on Xbox One but do consider the effect that the console’s lengthy certification times would have on you. One small thing breaks and it all goes wayward for a couple of weeks.

Would you want the ID@Xbox developers to get early access to you on Xbox One?

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