Guild Wars 2: Entanglement Launched

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

The latest chapter in Guild War 2’s story content, Entanglement, is now live on the game’s servers.

Episode two in the series makes players notice the mysterious vines, that had appeared with Gates of Maguuma, to have gone more aggressive. The vines have also stretched beyond its initial point and is more likely leading players into the next event.

“The lethal, fast-growing vines that have plagued the Brisban Wildlands have begun to spread,” reads the official description.

The new chapter also brings in “never-before-seen foes” which players will be facing as they continue to follow the trail from the last episode. Once you’ve completed the Entanglement story, you’ll be able to replay it through the new Story Journal feature. Going forward, you can unlock repeatable content from each release and earn challenging achievements.

ArenaNet has also announced that upon completion of the Entanglement episode and Story Journal, players will receive special rewards. Additionally everyone should also keep an eye out for collectible Unidentified Bugs that can be later converted into materials used for crafting new weapons.

You can head to the official website to learn more. The page also features some pretty wallpapers and screenshots for you to marvel at.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Guild Wars 2 in China has earned the developer over 3.8 million players. That would put sales at over 7 million for ArenaNet, which is a fantastic achievement.

Guild Wars 2 features no subscription. All you need is to purchase the game.

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