Free-to-Play Deadman’s Cross Gets Resident Evil Content

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Mobile title Deadman’s Cross from publisher Square Enix is partnering up with some fellow companies to bring Resident Evil content from Capcom to the game. From now until July 27, the free-to-play game will add Raccoon City from the classic horror franchise to its list of locations.

Players will be able to access the city for this limited period by completing a collaboration quest. You’ll probably need to go take a look at the quest board, after which Raccoon City will become available for hunts.

Hunts serve as the card capturing element in Deadman’s Cross. During these sections, the gameplay transforms to a first-person shooter, where every shot down zombie yields a new card of varying rarity.

Cards can be added to a deck of monsters. For the promotion, Raccoon City will drop some of the notable Resident Evil characters, which will exclusively be found in this location.

As far as free-to-play titles or Square Enix mobile games go, Deadman’s Cross is surprisingly solid. While the deck combat is automated and feels more like a predetermined number game, there is enough content to keep going.

By splitting the game between dungeon missions and shooter designs, there is always something else to do in the game. Moreover, decks can be tested against other players for additional items.

Enhancement models are also in place to feed weaker monsters to big hitter cards to make them even more potent. There is a limited amount of resources to play for free, but it can usually last more than an hour, before needing a short rest.

Deadman’s Cross has already been quite successful. Over a million players downloaded it during the game’s launch period.

Source: Siliconera.

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