Did Yogscast Deliver on Its Yogventures Kickstarter Promise?

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Two years ago the popular YouTube group The Yogscast decided it was time for them to launch their own game. They decided to put pen on paper and aptly name the game Yogsventures. Cool.

It seemed to have an attractive gameplay, and received positive feedback on the little they had shown to their fans. This triggered a Kickstarter campaign for the development of the game, with many followers generously pitching in large amounts of cash to fund their debut title.

Yogsventures was planned to be developed by a team called ‘Winterkewl Games’, and by May 2012 it had been announced that the game would be released by the end of the year. A few donors even decided to pitch in above $10,000 for the project, and soon the Kickstarter page was showing the funding numbers in hundred-thousands.

Guess what happened by the end of December 2012? Yup, the game hadn’t even been released. That’s fine for most of us, as games get pushed back regularly. Meanwhile, Winterkewl and Yogscasts had decided it was time for a pre-alpha release by the last week of December, and only those folks who paid above $60 for the title would acquire it.

Things went quiet from there onwards, and by August 2013 the game had never even gotten out of “Alpha 0.01” stage according to Winterkewl, whereas the followers and donors were getting impatient, demanding at least a Beta of a full retail title they had been promised eight months ago.

Due to heavy pressure from fans and backers, the beta of the game was finally cooked up towards the end of August, and the result was an atrocious mess that certainly did not seem like it was in development for a year and a half.

It’s now been nearly a year, and ever since Yogsventures had remained an anomaly, even to those backers who gave more than $10,000 for the game.

This is probably one of the worst examples of crowd-funding in history, and Yogscasts should’ve come under heavy fire. Even if the project had failed, they were entitled to give their backers regular updates, and refund the amounts they had be given.

Another take on this story is seen through the post of Generation Birdo on Reddit, though with a slightly misleading title.

The reason I say the title is misleading is because Yogscasts may not have necessarily been ‘cheating’ from the start to earn more than $560,000 from the crowd-funding, but they can be heavily accused of leaving the project in a state of wreckage and staying mute about it for long periods of time.

If you cared to visit their Kickstarter page, you’ll notice how the last updates came in December 2012, and the days left in the project was a big fat ‘0’. You can also scroll down to see how quite a few people have invested a large amount of money in this project.

Yogscast should be held responsible for failing to support its backers and give them the necessary assurance. Instead however, they have released additional news that Winterkewl as a developer would shut down, they are launching Yogdiscovery Program.

Furthermore, those who backed Yogventures will get TUG. This news comes with a bit of (attempted) reassurance for those who invested in the Yogsventures Kickstarter campaign, as those who got the game will get a Steam Early Access code for TUG along with a final copy of the game when it comes out.

That’s nice Yogscast, but what about those who gave over $10,000 for Yogsventure and were promised so much? Will just a measly copy of TUG be enough to keep them encouraged when it comes to supporting any future project you plan to carry out?

Let your voice be heard, let us know what you think of how efficiently or inefficiently (most likely the latter) Yogscast handled this entire fiasco.

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