Broken Bots Opens Top-Down Shooter Beta Sign-ups

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Belgian developer Bunnycopter is preparing its first commercial release, Broken Bots, for a Beta event on PC. Interested parties can sign up on their site now to participate in the Beta, which will start in early August.

Broken Bots is a top-down shooter that plays with traditional multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. Players need to complete their objectives to keep their robot from malfunctioning or acting erratically.

There are different powers and skills in the game. Some robots will need to avoid certain malfunction traps, while the system works both sides, also yielding an advantageous position from other unnatural behaviors.

Broken bots

Broken bots

For instance, a robot can suddenly grow to a huge size, which would more easily reveal their location on the map. Powers include a healing ability or proximity force field.

Naturally, there’s a variety of weaponry in the top-down shooter as well. Shooting down others can be done with simple rifles, machine guns or spread shots for those who don’t like to stick with accuracy.

It may not seem like the most original take on top-down shooters, certainly not with the generic gray maps, but the double-sized errors may play out in some interesting ways. You’ll need to participate in the Beta to find out and give the developer feedback on where to go next.

To incentivize the Beta event, Bunnycopter will be partnering with other indie studios, who will offer Beta participants discounts on games. Who those studios are will be detailed soon.

Broken Bots will be looking to a PC release in September of 2014.

There’s been a rise in Belgian developers recently. Previously we also discussed Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs.

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