Bioware Wants Your Opinion on Mass Effect 4 Through Survey

By   /   Jul 15, 2014

Recently, a listing was found on Amazon for Mass Effect 4 aka simply the next Mass Effect; this gave rise to a lot of talk amidst a lack of confirmation. However, BioWare is now talking terms; they are currently holding a fan based survey to figure out what exactly do they want to see in the upcoming game.

Game producer at BioWare, Michael Gamble took to his Twitter profile with the request to fans for helping them develop the kind of Mass Effect game that they want.

After asking you to share names of the games that you have recently played as well as your skill level in Mass Effect, the survey then asks you to rank Story, Exploration, Combat and Customization according to the importance you give to each on a scale of one to seven. You can even share what they have left out or what else you would want them to focus on in the next Mass Effect game.

Then it asks you how much time you spend on playing RPGs and then requires you to pick the top three most important activities for you as an RPG player from: exploring alternative story outcomes, optimizing my kit and skills in order to progress, comparing myself against friends, exploring different worlds to find resources and knowledge, leveling up, engaging in combat and customizing my appearance.

The rest is information about your interest in cosplay and then general queries about you and your interest in the industry.

Apparently, the survey is going pretty well as Gamble has tweeted again to say that he has received ‘overwhelming response to the survey so far,’ and that he already has one whole month’s worth of reading material!

Head straight to this link and drop in your opinion – and vote for story and exploration! Or choose what you want to see Mass Effect 4.

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