Xbox One Firmware Update Adds Support for Unlocking Games Via Demos

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

In a recent update for Xbox One, Microsoft has added a new feature to the console, which upon downloading the demo of the game, will allow you to unlock the full game as well.

This is the same kind of trial functionality that was available to the players who used to play demos on Xbox 360, where you had the option of downloading the demo for arcade titles and then unlock it before any further downloading.

This new feature was revealed to be included in Xbox One firmware update by Microsoft’s ID@Xbox boss Chris Carla:

When Xbox One launched you could do game demos and you could do games. But we didn’t have the functionality that was on Xbox 360 – that ‘trial’ experience where you could download a demo and then convert it [to a full version].

But now we do. In the same way that we update the Xbox One OS every month, they update the development system every month – or regularly, anyway. So that’s something that we recently turned on. I don’t think we’ve seen any ID@Xbox games yet that have shipped with trials, but we may well in the future. It’s something that’s open to everybody.

Chris continued on to say that currently it is difficult to search for ID@Xbox titles available on Xbox Live Marketplace, but this problem will be solved soon and there will be a separate portion for all the games developed through ID@Xbox.

He also added that, more than 100 titles are currently in development with the help of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program right at this moment, which means that Xbox One owners have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

What do you think about this newly added Trial Functionality feature on Xbox One?

Source: Eurogamer

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