Wildfire for Xbox One is Apparently Real, Possibly a Kinect Title

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

Earlier this month, we reported about Game Arena, a rumored feature coming to Xbox One, allowing players to create custom challenges and competing with their friends.

Although we didn’t have much to go by except a screen-cap, Game Arena is turning out to be something real. The screenshot that we received also revealed an upcoming game called Wildfire, which has received some newly surfaced details.

A Twitter user, ID@Upload has released several screenshots indicating that Wildfire is an upcoming Kinect game where one player controls Magmus using Kinect, while the other four players control Deputies, trying to put out his fires.

The official description – as found on the screenshots reads:

An Ancient beast awakens from its slumber, and it is up to the Deputies to stop it before it reaches the city! In Wildfire, use the Kinect to assume the role of the fire beast, or grab the controller and work together with up to four friends and put out the deadly flames before it is too late! It’s perfect local multiplayer chaos that brings the Kinect and controller together in an unprecedented new game!

Genre: Social
Multiplayer: Local
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Developer: Microsoft Foundry
Co-op: Local

In addition to details provided above, it looks like the game is scheduled to launch on Sept. 7, 2014. However, note that Microsoft has yet to announce this upcoming title, but this does look quite real to me.

Check out the screenshots above and tell us what do you think of it?

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