Technicolour Rain Demo Revisits Top-Down Neon Shooters

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

There are quite a few indie projects that use this current summer slump to push out their titles, like the recent demo release for Technicolour Rain. Developer Sleepy Studios has put out a free Alpha version of its top-down shooter on

As far as the first tier of gameplay elements goes, the game doesn’t look too much out of the ordinary. You have a small person, viewed from above at quite a distance, who rapidly skates through basic pixel environments.

On a second level, however, Technicolour Rain adds “copies” to its gameplay. This means that characters have a certain radiance where they can escape from their body and possess others on the map.

Doing so, you can use that possessed person’s body and weapons and use them as a dummy, which is something used in a few games. Death comes cheap at the hand of fierce guards and enemies, so using a human shield helps.

There is a tingling we feel in the Technicolour Rain demo though: It’s a lot like Hotline Miami. We don’t just mean in the visuals and the neon color schemes either.

Even the soundtrack uses the same type of synth wave tracks. More so than that, it uses a similar combo system for different deaths with an end tally, fast pace, alternating weaponry, momentum; it’s really similar is what we’re saying.

Give the demo a spin and tell us what you think when you’re playing Technicolour Rain. Be prepared to have some quick reflexes, because the enemies have rather precise aim.

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