GTA 5 High Roller Update Might Have Lottery Tickets, Source Code Suggests

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

Have you been waiting for the GTA 5 High Roller Update, or whatever Rockstar Games would decide to call it? We have heard that it will bring gambling and casinos to the game but now, there is word that it might also introduce lottery tickets to the game!

The YouTube user DomIsLive claims to have received the heads up from known hacker who goes by the name ‘ST3V3HACKER.’ This is also the same person who has previously leaked a shit load of information regarding multiple GTA updates including the Hipster Update like the golden paint job, the pink tire smoke and the brown tire smoke.

What actually happened is that the person in question broke into the source code of the game and picked up new entries in the stats for ‘STORED_LOTTERY_WEEK’ and ‘LOTTERY_TICKETS_BOUGHT.’

Rumors regarding GTA 5 High Roller Update started running only a couple of days earlier after the Independence Day DLC was released.

If all this is true, the GTA 5 High Roller Update is not only going to add additional means of entertainment it will also bring you another way to increase your bank balance. Check out the video above for exactly what has been leaked.

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